How Are Dog Supplements Made?

How Are Dog Supplements Made?
How Are Dog Supplements Made?

There are many moving parts going on behind the scenes during the creation of a dog food supplement. Who will formulate the supplement? Where and how will it be produced? How will it be packaged? In this article we'll take a look at the steps involved in creating a brand new supplement from scratch.


The first step to a supplement coming to life is the formulation process. A company will either employ an expert formulator on staff, or hire a formulation consultant. Formulators are generally experts in canine nutrition, either through their role as a pet diet formulator or veterinary nutritionist. Various forms of technology are used in the formulation process to ensure that the nutritional elements of the product are being met throughout the process through to the finished product. 


Once a dog supplement is formulated, then it's time to produce the product. There are many pet food and supplement manufacturers throughout the USA and worldwide that specialize in different types of pet products. If a company creates a powder supplement, for example, they may choose a production facility with different capabilities than a brand manufacturing a liquid or chewable-type supplement. 


After it is produced, a supplement will be placed into its packaging. The type of package will differ based on the type of supplement as well as what look and feel the company is going for. Two common types of supplement packages are canisters and stand up pouches. 

Each dog product company will have different processes by which they create, produce and sell their supplements, but they all go through some form of formulation, production and packaging. 

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