Help Your Dog's Allergies with A Homemade Plant-Based Diet

Help Your Dog's Allergies with A Homemade Plant-Based Diet
Help Your Dog's Allergies with A Homemade Plant-Based Diet

If you notice your dog itching, licking or having tummy troubles, an allergy may be the culprit of their discomfort.

What causes allergies in dogs?

Allergies most often stem from your dog's environment or their diet. According to a recent study, the top allergens in dog food are beef, chicken, wheat, soy and dairy products. 

How do I change my dog's diet so they itch less? 

Eliminating the top allergens in your dog's meals is the best way to reduce their allergic reactions to diet. Since animal proteins are largely responsible for allergies in dogs, eliminating meat and switching to plant-based protein is a great start for some dogs

Trying Plant-Based Proteins

A complete and balanced plant-based diet eliminates major allergens and provides easily digestible protein that can relieve dogs of their uncomfortable symptoms. Plant-based proteins tend to be highly-digestible and allergy-friendly for most dogs. Some of the most nutrient-dense proteins for dogs include foods like black beans, tempeh, lentils and textured vegetable protein (TVP). 

Cooking for your Dog

Trying a homemade diet for your dog is a great way to know exactly what is in their meals and to also have complete control of the ingredients. Starting slow by offering your dog different safe foods as snacks is a great way to understand which foods they love and also do not upset their tummy or cause allergy flare-ups. For example, if black beans are an ingredient in a recipe you'd like to try for your dog, offering them a few black beans as a snack a few days in a row is a great plan. 


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