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Perfect Powder
Rebecca G.
Dogs Love It, Cost Prohibitive for my large dogs but nice to have a non-stinky option

I love that this doesn't have a stink smell like other add ins and my dogs don't mind if I don't mix it in, they just eat it right up. I also like that the packaging is recyclable compared to other options. The one down side is the cost because I have three large dogs, but I am glad that this is an option.

MY Dogs LOVE it!

I have three doggos that absolutely love Opal! I will continue to buy over and over. No weird smell like some other brands!

Fishy is Loving Perfect Powder

Fish Stick is totally enjoying your Perfect Powder and the Super Greens & Quinoa recipe. I've doubled the recipe several times and will try your other recipes in the future...I've attached a recent picture of my cute little man. I found him walking on a semi busy street, turned my car around and scooped him up. That was 12 years ago, he's approximately 13 years old.

Making sure I'm giving my dog/best friend Wembley the best, highest quality food I can is always on my mind. I am constantly thinking of ways to make sure I'm taking care of him in the way he deserves. When I saw that there was a supplement that has so many vitamins and nutrients using clean, non-GMO products, formulated by vets and experts in the field, AND at such a reasonable price, I jumped on it.

Wembley was a fan too, to say the least! I mixed the Opal Pets in with some rice and he absolutely devoured it; I've never seen him eat so fast, and my guy can EAT! Here is a video of him trying it for the first time...I mean....he loves it.

Knowing that I'm supporting a woman-owned business with USA made products also made the purchase so much more rewarding. You have two fans for life in me and Wembley, Opal Pets!

Pleased Pup!

My 3-year-old pup Jade loves her toppers and mixers when it comes to her daily feasts.

I mixed Opal Pets with a little organic rice and green beans and mixed them in perfectly, adding nice texture and scents. She was super curious and went directly to her bowl, and ate it right up.

It’s nice to know the mix is packed with the healthiest ingredients and nutrients, and a little goes a long way, so you get the most for your buck. The packaging is also super cute and convenient! :)

Happy Customer!

Our dog couldn't have devoured this product any faster! We have been buying vegan products for a long time for our dog so Opal Pets is a no brainer. Great ingredients, easy to mix into the food, it's a win win. Other products tend to upset her stomach, but we had zero issues introducing this into her diet. We love that it's a home grown company vs. the big box brands that don't always put thought or care into their products. We are happy to spoil our girl with something nutritious. Highly recommend this product and company!

Hungry Hippos Approve!

Not only do I absolutely *love* that this is a 100% vegan product formulated by vets and experts from an ethical woman-founded-and-led company, but my rescue doggos and their furiends are PUPSESSED! As soon as the package was opened, there was an audience of adorable, furry faces and sniffing, boopable noses surrounding me, eagerly waiting for a taste. Needless to say, they resoundingly approved! With six dogs of my own plus foster and training pups always coming and going, making homemade meals for the pack was way too daunting of a task but Opal Pets makes it super easy and I can rest easy knowing that my furbabies will still get a nutritionally-complete, healthy cruelty-free meal that they thoroughly love the taste of...what more can I ask for?! :) And now, for your viewing pleasure, two of my rescue pibbles put together a "How to enjoy Opal Pets" video. Enjoy and make sure to spoil your own puppers with this delightful homemade food supplement!

He wants Moore!

Moore loved the Perfect Powder. I sprinkled it right on top of his food and he immediately ate it all up. Moore is notorious for eating on his time, but with the Perfect Powder he wanted to finish his whole bowl right away! He also tends to have the world's most sensitive stomach and this sat right with him the entire way! And it feels good knowing I am supporting a woman-owned business!

Perfect Powder
Dominique Klimek
Emmie loves it!

My EmmieLou is picky so I was suspicious about her eating her food with Opal on it- but she loved it! I think she ate faster than usual- and I love that it’s keeping her healthy.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

All I can say is WOW! My picky pittie is somewhat of a food snob. He is not super food motivated and picks and chooses what he will eat. When I first gave him a little test sample of just the powder alone he went crazy! I thought he might actually eat the bowl. I am thrilled to find a high quality vegan supplement to keep my boy happy and healthy. It feels great to know that he will gobble up his meals without hesitation. I love knowing he is getting fresh foods that I prepare myself and that his meals are complete and balanced with Perfect Powder. Thank you Opal for creating such an amazing supplement!

My seniors are on board!

I like to feed my dogs homemade food at least some of the time for variety and Opal makes it very easy. Both of my dogs (a chihuahua and a pittie) ate it right up without hesitation. Vegan and vet formulated are musts for me, so I’m very excited about this product and to see what else they come out with.

Perfect Powder is PERFECT!

I tried Perfect Powder with my two labs who are sensitive with food allergies and chronic itchiness - they are on a limited ingredient high quality food of salmon and brown rice. They absolutely loved it! Of course as labs, they love just about anything I give them :) but the best news is that they reacted so well to Perfect Powder - no itchiness and they licked up every last drop from their bowl. I just sprinkled it right on top of their food, so easy! I would highly recommend this product to anyone as a high quality supplement for your beloved furry companions. With so many supplement companies to choose from, I like Opal because it's women founded and led with clean, non-GMO ingredients made in the US. I trust what is in this product and that it is going to be the very best for my dogs! Thank you Opal Pets!

Great supplement that my puppy and I love!

Our puppy loved Opal! This is a great way for me to make sure my puppy gets the supplements that he needs with every homemade meal. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to feed their dog healthy, organic meals to help them grow big and strong - I will definitely be ordering more!

Perfect Powder
Katelyn R.
My 3YO loves it!

I am so glad I came across Opal! My 3YO absolutely loves it. I like to sprinkle it over some plain rice with chickpeas and he goes absolutely wild for it. I love that I can trust Opal's clean ingredients and that it is USA made. My favorite part of using Opal for my pup is that knowing that he is getting balanced meals daily! Rio says THANK YOU OPAL!

Perfect Powder
Who knew a supplement could be so tasty!

My pup licks the bowl clean! She loves the savory flavor. I'm so happy to have an option that allows me to feed her a fresh diet and control everything that goes into her food. Perfect for an allergy-prone pup! I also love that Opal is a vegan company and that they offer all plant-based recipes with simple ingredients. Home cooking can be intimidating at first, but they make it so easy!

Perfect Powder
Katarina Wright
My two mutts loved it

I first let my two mutts sniff the powder and they got all excited from the smells. I sprinkled it over simple rice, they gobbled it all down and kept licking their bowls afterward!
It's such a relief to have found a product that I can use with homemade food, knowing that they'll get all the nutrients they need. I'm also excited because it means that their regular - expensive - bag of kibble lasts longer as I'm able to substitute a couple of those meals each week with homecooked ones + Perfect Powder. As a bonus, I mixed a little powder with water to get my little guy to drink more and he licked it all up!