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Reviews from Opal Pups

Based on 36 reviews
Picky doodle loves it

Title says it all. Less expensive than the frozen shipments and my very picky doodle loves every bit of it.

American-made and "perfect" for dogs

My dog is picky and old, and he loves Perfect Powder. I love that it is made in America. Thank you for the great product

Love Perfect Powder

I love that Perfect Powder is made with such clean ingredients. My grand-dog loves the taste and I love that he is getting so many healthy vitamins and minerals he needs.

The Pups are thriving!

We lost our girl Bella in January to heart failure. After her passing I read about grain free possibly being a culprit so when the opportunity came up to get our 2 new puppies I decided to supplement their kibble with fresh made food so I know whats in it! I needed a vitamin and general good supplement to add. After researching I decided to go with Opal Pets. Biscuit and Mochi are thriving 12 week old beauties with luxurious coats. They weigh 7 and 8 lbs and are doing fantastic! Also Opal Pets has the best customer service thank you Lindsay and I will continue to be an Opal customer

Perfect is not an overstatement

My pup really loves this powder sprinkled on anything and everything! Thank you, Opal Pets, for caring about perfect taste, perfect nutrition, and perfect quality.

Great quality and tasty!

My pup really enjoys this powder and I love knowing how good it is for her. :) Thank you Opal Pets!

Perfect supplement!

My 9 year old yorkie Noah has been vegan nearly 9 years and has been getting homemade meals. Although he gets bloodwork and has come back good, I always look for ways to boost his nutrient intake. Opal does exactly that and what I love is that he loves it! He literally licks it off my finger! We’ve been taking two months and we couldn’t be happier with a quality supplement I feel all dog owners can benefit from. Thank You Opal!🐾

Perfect Powder is actually perfect!

Polar Bear, my Golden Retriever absolutely loves Opal Pets' Perfect Powder on his meals. We mainly use it as a booster supplement to his diet to enrich and support his health and active lifestyle.
We love that it is so easy to use and versatile, their recipes are very well formulated and easy to follow, and we appreciate being able to use it in so many creative ways for different situations.
Polar loves it, we love it, and it's also cruelty-free –so we love it even more!

Wonderful supplement!

My dog Maple really enjoys this supplement and I really love how it comes with a cookbook. The recipes are easy and I feel good knowing she is getting everything she needs!
Thank you!

My pup loves it!

I have an 8 month old golden retriever puppy who has had some skin/tummy problems from the moment we got him. Making sure his diet is in check has been a game changer for him, and Opal Pets perfect powder is the best for making sure he's taken care of. I don't always feel confident he's getting everything he needs from kibble, so adding this perfect powder boost made me feel a lot better.

If you're thinking about trying it, do it!!!


This is such an amazing product and my dog loved it!

Opal pet powder

I actually got the sample first to see if my dog would even eat it my dog is the most pickiest eater and he has a lot of digestional problems. Kibble is not an option for us we do a home cooked part raw meal feed and I wanted to make sure that he was getting all his essentials so by buying the pet opal powder was to help with a nutritional balance and I got to say I didn't think he would eat it but he ate it just fine doesn't even notice it we did work our way up to a full dose. At 21 days in seems to be doing great love the product .

My Dogs LOVE The Recipes and Opal Powder

My little guys get SO excited when they know their cooked dinner meal is coming. It's impossible to get them to calm down. (I feed vegan kibble in the am) At 8 and 14 years of age, they are in the best health ever and their coats shine. The powder makes it so easy to supplement and make sure they are getting all they need. I feel so strongly about this product, I recommended it to my entire list of adopters from my dog rescue. And to everyone else I know too.

My 6 year old lab absolutely loves his Perfect Powder!

It makes me happy knowing he's getting all the appropriate vitamins and minerals with every meal. Anything to help my pup live a healthier life is a top priority for me and Opal Pet's does just that!

Great Product

My dog enjoys having it in his meals. It gives me peace of mind that he is getting nutrients that he needs. It also smells much better than other supplements that I have tried.

Chow Chow eating

Loves his opal meqls

Update leukemia dog feeding

My labrador in the vest couldn't even stand 2 weeks ago. now he runs to the kitchen to get his Opal pet meals .
they didn't think he was going to live 3 days nevermind being here 2 weeks later and building strength.
In the videos my other dogs love it Chow had food allergies and has not had any issues since eating the meals also fur and skin looks great.
ALL of my dogs have added some weight which is a good thing.

Dogs love it. Gives hope to Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

My 2 Labradors, Chow and German Shepard all love Opal Perfect Powder. The recipes in the book are all natural ,easy to make.
My dogs are picky about what they eat and they just love all of the recipes.
My dogs have been eating a nationally known vegan food for years. It has been getting harder to find it and prices have gone thru the roof at $75 for a 24lb bag. feeding 4 large dogs at that price is crazy.
I have done the math and using Opel Perfect Pet Powder and Buying all the recipe ingredients at your local store is more cost effective then buying the premium dog food or vegan food if you can find it.
I have a Labrador who would not eat his dog food cause of his cancer and was very weak. showed no interest in food. We would give him whatever he would nibble on.
Since making the recipe and using Opel Perfect Powder. He has shown increase in appetite .Eats regular Portions and his strength has increased daily.

Warhol loves OpalPets Perfect Power!

Warhol loves his Perfect Power and all the recipes or your cookbook! I've never seen him so excited with his food ever, now when it's lunch/dinner time he gets so excited and spin in circles! We found OpalPets on instagram, and we love it right away because it's a 100% vegan product formulated by vets and experts from an ethical woman-founded-and-led company and made in USA, we had recommended it to other vegan dogs friends on Instagram and they are loving it too!
A big thank you to Lindsay for making OpalPets and help us to take care of our little vegan babies!

Dogs Love It, Cost Prohibitive for my large dogs but nice to have a non-stinky option

I love that this doesn't have a stink smell like other add ins and my dogs don't mind if I don't mix it in, they just eat it right up. I also like that the packaging is recyclable compared to other options. The one down side is the cost because I have three large dogs, but I am glad that this is an option.

Two Paws Up!

I love that the perfect powder gives me more freedom in feeding my dog cooked foods that include more of the fruits and veggies he loves. He's two years old, a bully mix, full of energy, and thriving on a plant based diet!

MY Dogs LOVE it!

I have three doggos that absolutely love Opal! I will continue to buy over and over. No weird smell like some other brands!

Fishy is Loving Perfect Powder

Fish Stick is totally enjoying your Perfect Powder and the Super Greens & Quinoa recipe. I've doubled the recipe several times and will try your other recipes in the future...I've attached a recent picture of my cute little man. I found him walking on a semi busy street, turned my car around and scooped him up. That was 12 years ago, he's approximately 13 years old.

Making sure I'm giving my dog/best friend Wembley the best, highest quality food I can is always on my mind. I am constantly thinking of ways to make sure I'm taking care of him in the way he deserves. When I saw that there was a supplement that has so many vitamins and nutrients using clean, non-GMO products, formulated by vets and experts in the field, AND at such a reasonable price, I jumped on it.

Wembley was a fan too, to say the least! I mixed the Opal Pets in with some rice and he absolutely devoured it; I've never seen him eat so fast, and my guy can EAT! Here is a video of him trying it for the first time...I mean....he loves it.

Knowing that I'm supporting a woman-owned business with USA made products also made the purchase so much more rewarding. You have two fans for life in me and Wembley, Opal Pets!

Pleased Pup!

My 3-year-old pup Jade loves her toppers and mixers when it comes to her daily feasts.

I mixed Opal Pets with a little organic rice and green beans and mixed them in perfectly, adding nice texture and scents. She was super curious and went directly to her bowl, and ate it right up.

It’s nice to know the mix is packed with the healthiest ingredients and nutrients, and a little goes a long way, so you get the most for your buck. The packaging is also super cute and convenient! :)