The Best, Simple Homemade Treats for Dogs

The Best, Simple Homemade Treats for Dogs
The Best, Simple Homemade Treats for Dogs

Preparing homemade treats for your dog is a great way to offer nourishing snacks while avoiding any yucky additives or preservatives in traditional dog treats. Another bonus? Simple, homemade treats are generally less expensive than store-bought ones. 

Our favorite safe and healthy one-ingredient treats for dogs include:


Simply drain and rinse a can of chickpeas. Store them in an airtight container in your fridge to offer your dog snacks throughout the week.

Peanut Butter

Choose a smooth, all-natural peanut butter with no xylitol or sugar. Offer your pup a small amount straight off the spoon for a delicious, special treat. Peanut butter is very high in fat, so this is a treat that should be limited to more of a special occasion, not daily.


Slice a quarter-sized piece of banana and offer to your dog as a fruity reward.

Simple Soft Treat Recipe

If you're looking to whip something up that resembles a more traditional treat for your dog, try this simple soft treat recipe that can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week:

  • 1 tbs plain, creamy natural peanut butter
  • 2 tbs flour 
  • 1 tbs water

Stir all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Then, mold the dough into small treat balls. This recipe makes about 12 small treats. 

Is it ok to give dogs homemade dog treats?

Homemade treats for dogs are safe as long as you are using dog-friendly ingredients. View our list of the top 5 foods to not feed your dog.

How often you can give treats?

This will depend on factors like your dog’s lifestyle and weight. For example, larger more active dogs can have more daily treats than a small, couch potato. Always check with your vet on what the best amount of treats and calories is for your dog’s optimal daily diet. A good time to offer your dog one or two treats can be after their walk or when they come back inside from doing their business outside in the yard. 

Should you reward dogs with treats?

Rewarding your dog with treats is a great way to encourage good behavior and form a bond with your pup. Just make sure you are rewarding good behavior, such as “sit” or “lay down.” 

Why homemade treats are better than commercial brands

Choosing homemade dog treats and food allows for you to know exactly what is in your dog’s food versus risking your dog’s food containing additives, fillers or preservatives, as most commercial pet products do. 

Sometimes the best, healthiest treats for your pup are the simplest ones!

For more healthy recipes for your dog, check out our Vet-Formulated Recipe Cookbook.