Salt in Homemade Dog Food

Salt in Homemade Dog Food
Salt in Homemade Dog Food

When making homemade food for your dog, it's important to make sure each meal is nutritionally complete with the correct balance of vitamins and minerals. Salt is a tasty addition to human meals, but how does it affect homemade dog food?

Is salt good or bad for dogs? 

Salt is an electrolyte and is an essential nutrient in your dog's diet. It plays a role in healthy nerve and muscle function, and helps keep your dog's fluids balanced. Salt in the correct and balanced amount is good for your dog. 

Do dogs need salt in their diet? 

Dogs need salt as a part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

What is the correct amount of salt for dogs in homemade food? 

When choosing what type of homemade food to make for your dog, it's essential to select recipes that are created by professionals, like veterinary nutritionists. This will ensure that the ingredients and overall meal, including the salt, are balanced for your dog's needs. 

What effects does salt have on dogs? 

When fed in the proper amount, there is no visible effect of salt on your dog's health. As an electrolyte, the salt is working inside of your dog's body to properly balance fluids and function. If your dog consumes too much salt in a short period of time, they will likely need to consume more water, so you may see them drinking more. If a dog consumes excessive salt over a time, they may show more serious symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea. (If you're concerned your dog may have consumed an excessive amount of salt, make sure to contact your veterinarian or a local emergency vet clinic).  

Are salty snacks safe for dogs?

It's important not to feed your dog packaged snacks made for humans. Snacks like chips or pretzels contain too much salt for dogs. 

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What is the best way to incorporate salt into your dog's diet?

Ideally, the homemade dog food recipe you choose to feed your dog is one formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to contain the proper, balanced amount of all nutrients, including salt.