Customer Spotlight: Parx's Cancer Healing Journey

Customer Spotlight: Parx's Cancer Healing Journey
Customer Spotlight: Parx's Cancer Healing Journey

We received a touching testimonial from a customer of ours and knew we had to share it here on the Opal blog. Our hope is that Parx's story reaches as many pet parents as possible so more can discover the healing benefits of a fresh, homemade diet for dogs! Here's what our customer Kevin wrote in: 

"6 months ago my dog Parx was given a death diagnosis (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) for the 2nd time. They didn't think he would live 1 day never mind 6 months and be cured. Well, today is his Birthday and the Oncologist checked his liver values, lungs and blood and gave him a clean bill of health. All his blood levels are normal and he has no cancer cells."

"We took the path of no aggressive treatment and was just going to keep him comfortable. My Wife cooked the Opal recipes and used the Opal supplement which he still barks for everyday till this day along with turkey tail mushroom."

"He put on weight and gained strength and mobility while on the recipe. Parx went from not being able to stand to walking 2 miles a day and climbing stairs. 

"I truly believe finding Opal saved his life. The oncologist called him a Miracle Dog as this is the 2nd time he has beat this cancer. Thank you Opal for helping us in our journey.

If your dog is battling cancer or chronic disease, reach out to us at and we are happy to provide more information on our supplement and fresh dog food recipes with nourishing, highly-digestible plant-based proteins. 

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We love you, Parx!