The Most Important Vitamins & Minerals for Dogs

The Most Important Vitamins & Minerals for Dogs
The Most Important Vitamins & Minerals for Dogs

Feeding your dog a complete and balanced diet that includes the proper array of vitamins and minerals is crucial to maintaining their optimal overall health. 

What are the most important vitamins and minerals for dogs? 

There are many vitamins and minerals that work together to create a healthy, balanced diet for dogs. Here are some of the most important ones along with their function: 

  • Potassium: Normal function of muscles and nerves 
  • Calcium: Strong bones
  • Choline: Healthy development of the nervous system
  • Omega-3 DHA: Heart health, skin and coat, and can help with inflammation
  • Iodine: Overall health and proper function of the thyroid gland
  • Magnesium: Energy production on a cellular level 
  • Salt: Normal blood pressure and fluid balance
  • Vitamin C: Healthy immune system 
  • Iron: Healthy circulation
  • Vitamin B12: Manufacturing of red blood cells

What are good sources of vitamin and mineral rich foods for dogs?

Feeding fresh, colorful foods to your dog provide a nourishing array of vitamins and minerals in their diet. If cooking at home for your dog, it's always important to select professionally formulated, balanced homemade recipes. Some nutrient-dense foods to include in your dog's diet are:

  • Fresh greens, steamed and cooled, like spinach or kale 
  • Sliced fruit like bananas, strawberries or apples (no seeds or code)
  • Beans like chickpeas or black beans (if using canned, drain and rinse before serving) 
  • Plain canned pumpkin
  • Nutritional yeast 
  • Almond or peanut butter 

How does a supplement help provide the correct balance of vitamins? 

Feeding your dog a commercial pet food like kibble or a homemade diet may be lacking in the perfect balance of nutrition for your dog. Commercial pet food is heated to high temperatures, which can result in a loss of vitamin and mineral content. Feeding your dog a homemade diet without a supplement puts them at risk for deficiency in certain nutrients over time. 

Feeding your dog a fresh, homemade diet with colorful ingredients along with a supplement is a great way to boost their health and serve up the array of nutrients they need in their daily meals. 

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