Why Home Cook?

    • Have complete control of your dog's meal time by cooking the fresh, healthy foods your dog loves


    • Know exactly what's in your dog's food and avoid weird, unhealthy additives.


    • Avoid allergy-flare ups by leaving out the ingredients your dog is sensitive to. Nobody likes itchy skin or tummy troubles!


    • This study (link) shows dogs that eat homemade dog food lived an extra __ years compared dogs eating commercial dog food. More time with our BFF? Sign us up!


    • Dogs have evolved and your pup's nutritional needs are no longer based on what wolves ate tens of thousands of years ago! Dogs can thrive on complete and balanced homemade, plant-based diets. 


    New to home cooking and not sure how to start? 🤨  We're here for you! Each order of Opal's powder comes with our free & easy recipes e-book filled with vibrant, delicious, 4-ingredient recipes your dog will love!  Still have questions? Our team would love to help! Shoot us a note any time at hello@opalpets.com.